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How to Overcome a Laptop Overheating Quickly, (Best solution)


How to Overcome a Laptop Overheating Quickly, (Best solution) – One of the problems that are often encountered in laptop devices is the problem of laptop temperature that quickly heats up. Laptops that heat up quickly often interfere with users at work or other activities.

Laptops that heat up quickly can cause the system to run more slowly and threaten to damage critical components. To prevent this, users must take several ways to overcome the laptop’s temperature, which quickly heats up. Well, this time, We will share a safe way to deal with a laptop that heats up quickly. Come on, see more.

Overcome Laptops Overheat


1. Check Thermal Paste on Processor

Thermal Paste is a substance smeared on the top of the processor to keep the processor temperature from overheating or overheating. You must check the processor periodically to ensure that the thermal paste is not dry.

If you feel that your laptop is getting too hot and its performance is decreasing, you can replace the thermal paste manually or at the nearest service center. The price of the thermal paste itself ranges from $ 7.00 – $ 20.00 (depending on the brand). One thermal paste can be used several times.

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2. Check and Clean the Laptop Fan

The laptop’s internal fan is an important component to keep the CPU temperature stable. Clean the laptop fan from dust regularly to work optimally. If the laptop fan is damaged, you must replace it as soon as possible to not cause the laptop to overheat and damage other important components.

3. Pay attention to where to put the laptop

Users must pay attention to the place and position of the laptop to avoid the laptop’s temperature from getting hot quickly. Do not use the laptop on pillows, mattresses, or similar objects. This is because the objects above can clog the laptop ventilation, which can be the main factor causing the laptop to heat up quickly.


4. Use a Laptop Stand or Cooling Pad

You can use a laptop stand or a cooling pad to keep the laptop ventilation smooth. Using a laptop stand will make the airflow at the laptop’s bottom better, and the laptop temperature will remain stable.

5. Avoid Sun Exposure

Keep the laptop away from direct sunlight, so it doesn’t experience a significant increase in temperature. In addition, protect the laptop from hot air so the engine does not heat up quickly.

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