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How to Get Rid of Pop Up Ads and Malware on Google Chrome


How to Get Rid of Pop Up Ads and Malware on Google Chrome – How to get rid of pop-up ads and malware on Google Chrome is essential for those of you who are experiencing annoying ad problems. Google Chrome is a top-rated browser application.

People from all over the world have widely used this application. As you can see, Google Chrome has a simple interface, so even though it was the first time operating this application, we didn’t have any difficulties.

However, every application will not be separated from the name of the problem. One of the issues that Google Chrome users face is the appearance of annoying pop-up ads.


These ads are certainly disturbing comfort when using Google Chrome. These advertisements can disrupt even the process of searching for information.

Sometimes the ads that appear also lead to negative things such as displaying inappropriate images. Imagine when you were presenting, and suddenly the ad appeared. You certainly can’t let this problem continue.

You must immediately remove pop-up ads and make yourself comfortable using Google Chrome.

How to Get Rid of Pop-Up Ads and Malware?

Here we provide solutions to get rid of annoying pop-up ads and malware. By implementing this method, you no longer need to worry about these advertisements or malware.

Your device will be free from annoying advertisements, and you can browse Androbuntu comfortably.

1. Eliminating Ads and Malware on Google Chrome for Android

The problem of Google Chrome that suddenly appears advertisements and malware is happening to PC users. Android users sometimes experience the same thing. To solve this problem, you need to follow the steps which we will explain as follows:

  1. The first step, please press and hold the Power button, then turn off the device
  2. In the second step, you will be in safe mode. On the screen, you will see a description of Safe Mode
  3. Please delete the application that you just downloaded
  4. Every time you finish deleting the app, please restart your device as usual
  5. This step is intended so that the application removal process can solve your problem
  6. If it is successful, then you will no longer experience interference when accessing Google Chrome

2. Remove Google Chrome Ads on PC

Before you reset Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac, please check if there are any unwanted programs on your PC or computer. This method is the first step to getting rid of annoying ads on Google Chrome.

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Chrome will later help you find suspicious programs that your computer doesn’t want. When Google Chrome finds the application, then you can immediately delete it by clicking Delete.

Then you follow the steps below.

Steps to Remove Unwanted Programs

  1. Open the Google Chrome app.
  2. Then at the top right, please click More and select Settings.
  3. At the bottom, please click Continue.
  4. Next, in the Reset and Clean up section, please click Clean Computer.
  5. The next step, click Search. When you are prompted to remove unwanted software, please click Remove. Now you only need to restart the computer.

How to Reset Browser Settings

If you have finished removing unwanted programs on your computer, the next step is to reset Google Chrome with the following steps.

  1. Please open Google Chrome on the computer.
  2. Then at the top right, please click More, then enter Settings.
  3. Below please click Continue.
  4. For those who use Chromebooks, Macs, and Linux, please click Restore after resetting to the original defaults in the Reset Settings section. After that, click Reset Settings.
  5. Meanwhile, for those of you who use a Windows computer or laptop, under Reset and clean it, please click Reset Settings.

If you remove unwanted programs or applications or reset your browser settings, chances are there are some extensions that you still need to reactivate.

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To activate the extension, on the top right, please click More. Then select More Features and select Extensions. Please choose which extension you want to start.

3. How to Stop Notifications On Certain Sites

If you see an annoying notification in the Google Chrome application, you can delete it via the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Chrome app either on a computer or smartphone
  2. Enter the web page
  3. To the right of the URL column, please tap More, then select Info Info
  4. Enter Site Settings
  5. Under Permissions, please click on Notifications
  6. If you don’t see any Permissions or Notifications, the notification on the site is inactive.
  7. If a notification appears, please turn off or disable the setting.

This is an explanation of how to get rid of pop-up ads and malware on Google Chrome.

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