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How to Fix Phone Battery Decreases When Charging


How to Fix Phone Battery Decreases When Charging – Why is the phone battery decreases when charging? This incident often happens and is a significant problem for phone owners, especially Android. If these problems are not handled properly, then the effect will significantly affect the performance of your favorite phone.

So, what is why the phone is charged but the battery percentage decreases? This you need to find out as a phone owner. There are various reasons why the phone battery decreases when charging. One of the most common is a damaged data cable.

Some people still use unofficial data cables for their phones. Although trivial, it can trigger damage, so the phone is difficult to increase the battery when it is charged. There is still another reason why the phone battery decreases when charging. Apart from that, there are ways to deal with it. Come on, see the following explanation!

The Reason Why Phone Battery Decreases When Charging

After knowing that the damaged data cable is one of the reasons why the phone battery decreases when charging, below are other reasons that you need to know, namely:

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1. Dirty USB port

Dirty USB ports are the reason why the phone battery decreases when charging. Maintaining the phone’s condition to look good and good is essential. However, keeping it clean is no less important. Dirty USB ports result from the phone owner’s indifference to cleanliness.

A dirty USB port inhibits the addition of the phone battery when it wants to be charged and risks exposing other parts of the phone to dirt. When this happens, the phone will quickly be damaged.

2. Charge while wearing

The general habit of phone owners is to use it while it is being charged. Indeed, some jobs require workers to use their phones 24 hours non-stop. However, you also have to know the limits on when the phone needs to be left to charge and when it can be played. Stability of use like this can maintain the health of the phone battery. Because when you play your phone while it’s charging, the charging becomes ineffective.

3. Phone has an error

Another reason the phone battery decreases when charging can also happen is that your electronic device has an error. For example, the percentage stops at 80 percent while charging the phone. It doesn’t indicate an error has occurred.


How to solve Phone Battery Decreases When Charging

Of the three reasons above why the phone battery decreases when charging, you want to know how to overcome it.

Some of the steps are below you can do. It is recommended to follow how-to solve why the phone battery decreases when charging on an Android phone and iOS.

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1. Clean the USB port

The USB port located on the phone must be diligently cleaned because a clean USB port can improve phone charging performance.

However, make sure to be careful when cleaning it. Inside the USB port is a connector connecting it with a power cable. Its small and thin shape makes it very susceptible to fracture.

If you want to clean it, use a small object and try to have a smooth texture like a tissue. You can also take it to a service center to clean or replace the USB port in the event of a breakdown.

2. Clean the end of the charging cable

Almost similar to cleaning the USB port, the end of the charging cable also needs attention. If it looks dirty or dirt accumulates, it is best to clean it as soon as possible. If the dirt is just dust, then clean it using dry tissue.

On the other hand, if dirt gets stuck to the charging cable, use non-abrasive dregs paper. Use with care so as not to damage other parts.

3. Avoid charging when the Phone is hot

The phone battery decreases when charging because you do it when the device is hot. A hot Phone will take longer to charge the battery. This is because the power generated will be higher.

You should leave the phone for a few minutes, or you can turn it off. After the heat subsides, please turn it on and charge the Phone again.

4. Replace the adapter and charging cable

It is essential to know that using unofficial adapters and cables can hinder the process of charging the phone battery.

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Because adapters and cables are not in sync with what is needed by the phone, if the phone has been using an unauthorized charger for too long, one of the system’s performances has likely decreased.

5. Bring the Phone to the service center

The way to overcome why the phone battery decreases when charging, the last one is to take it to the service center. This step is the last resort after all of the above noes longer has a repair effect.

It could be that the main problem is that the phone does not increase when charging because there is a problem with the charger IC. IC charger serves to deliver power. If this component is damaged, only skilled workers can repair it.


There are several steps to maximize your phone’s battery life. Try to implement such steps now and then to increase your phone’s battery life.

Once a month, you can let your phone completely turn off, turn it off and charge it fully. Apply other best practices when charging your phone. Keep your phone away from overheating, and keep the battery above 50% as much as possible.

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