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How to Easy Views Stalkers on Your Instagram Without Apps!


How to Easy Views Stalkers on Your Instagram Without Apps! – In today’s digital era, stalking activities are certainly much easier because many applications can be used to find traces of targets, one of which is Instagram. Dominated by photos and videos, of course, it’s so easy to get information on someone’s activities via Instagram, swipe up and down and left and right.

They were used by many young people, which is why Instagram is also an often-used application for stalkers. Instagram is a popular social media that focuses on sharing a photo and a person’s daily life.


How to Easy Views Stalkers On Instagram

Instagram has many interesting features to express yourself. It could be said. The virtual world is an open space for anyone unless you have protected your social media accounts.

Consequently, posts shared can be seen by everyone, and we do not know who has viewed the content on our Instagram profile. However, it turns out that finding out your account snooper is not too difficult, as can be seen on the next page.

Stalkers or stalkers, of course, are often done to see people we like or even, in the worst-case scenario, to spy on people we hate. A stalker will undoubtedly look for all kinds of ways to be able to stalk information about someone. It can be ex-girlfriends, former enemies, even business rivals.

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Follow these steps:

It turns out to see which accounts or people have viewed our Instagram profile. Again, the method is relatively easy just by relying on a browser.

We will share how, to follow these steps:

  • First, please visit this link: (For the record, don’t keep your Instagram account private because this only applies to unlocked accounts).
  • Second, after entering the page, fill in your username with your Instagram name, click the captcha box that says “I’m not a robot,” then select submit.


  • Third, swipe down on the result column. Congrats, you have found anyone who viewed your Instagram today.

By applying this method, you know who the stalker is who sees your activity on Instagram.

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