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How to Easy Use Phone Camera as a Laptop or PC Webcam


How to Easy Use Phone Camera as a Laptop or PC Webcam – During the current pandemic, many work activities are carried out from home or work from home (WFH). One of the most frequent activities is meeting with clients or colleagues using Zoom or Google Meet.

However, the problem is that the laptop or computer camera used does not have a good resolution for video conferencing. This makes many people unable to show good pictures when presenting using the camera on the device.

Use Phone Camera as a Webcam

How to make a phone camera as a webcam for a laptop or PC? The following checks can be done. We’ve rounded up three ways to easily connect your phone camera to your laptop as a webcam.

As is known, technological developments require humans to be able to do various things. One of them is getting around the laptop camera, which usually only has a low resolution.

Zoom, which is a new activity in the pandemic era, has made many people look for ways so that their zoom meeting process can produce clear images. One thing that can be done is to use a phone camera. However, not many people know how to connect a phone camera to a laptop as a webcam.

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But you don’t need to worry. We have compiled it specifically for you how to make your phone camera as a webcam.

1. Using the DroidCam App

One of the most common ways is to ask for help from a third-party app, Droid Cam.

The method:

  • Download the Droid Cam app on your phone.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode on the smartphone.
  • Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and let the computer install the necessary drivers.
  • Download and install the Dev47apps client on your Windows PC.
  • Open DroidCam Client and select the USB icon. Then, click Start to activate the HP camera as a Webcam.
  • The camera can be used.
DroidCam App

2. Take advantage of the iVcam App

You can also use this application. Many reviews say iVcam produces better video results than other applications.

The method:

  • First of all, download iVcam
  • Install, then run the iVCam application on both HP and PC.
  • Connect your laptop/PC and HP to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Select your HP device via iVCam software on PC.
  • Your cellphone has been successfully detected as a PC webcam and can be used for Zoom, Google Meet, or other applications that require a webcam.
iVcam App

3. Using the Mobiola App

Mobiola is also widely used to connect HP cameras to laptops for webcams.

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The method:

  • Download the Mobiola WebCamera application at the URL and install it on your laptop and iPhone/iPad.
  • Open the Mobiola application installed on the laptop, then set it to Bluetooth mode.
  • Do the same with the Mobiola application on your cellphone.
  • Select the appropriate Bluetooth name on your laptop/PC, then click Start to start it.
Mobiola App

Those are some ways to make the HP camera a webcam for laptops and PCs. So how, it’s easy, right, how to connect an HP camera to a laptop or PC? You also don’t need to spend more money to buy a separate webcam.

After succeeding with the methods that Jaka explained earlier, you can immediately make video calls on your laptop or PC, Good luck!

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