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How to Create a Digital Signature with Microsoft Edge Easy & Fast


How to Create a Digital Signature with Microsoft Edge Easy & Fast – Here is a guide that shows you how to sign PDF documents in Microsoft Edge. Signature is used to get or approve documents such as contracts, legal documents, applications, forms, and others.

Just like how you add an inked signature to a hard-paper document, you can also add an electronic signature to your PDF documents in the Edge browser. Microsoft Edge is a great PDF viewer for Windows 11/10 with some great PDF reading and annotation tools.

Plus, you can quickly draw and add signatures to PDF documents right from the Edge browser. In this post, we will cover two different methods to sign PDF documents in Microsoft Edge electronically. Let’s check this method now!

How to Create a Digital Signature document in Microsoft Edge

These are the main methods for signing PDF documents in the Edge browser: 1. Use the Draw tool to sign PDFs in Edge. 2. Digitally sign PDFs in Edge using add-ons.

1. Use the Draw tool to sign PDFs in Edge

You can sign a PDF file using the Draw tool in the Edge browser. Here are the basic steps for digitally signing a PDF in Microsoft Edge:

Open Microsoft Edge browser. Import PDF file. Click the Draw tool from the toolbar. Select pen color and thickness.Draw signature anywhere in PDF. Save signed PDF document.

Please follow these steps:

  • First, launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC. Then, you need to import the PDF document file that you want to sign using the shortcut key Ctrl + O. Once you open the input PDF file, you will see various PDF reading features and annotations on the top toolbar.
  • You will see page view, rotate, zoom in, read aloud, highlight, delete, etc. To sign a PDF, you need to use the Draw tool; click the Image option. And select ink properties, including drawing pen color and thickness.
  • Now, draw your handwritten signature with the drawing pen anywhere on the PDF document. If an error occurs, click the Delete option and then delete the drawn signature. You can then redraw the signature in the PDF.
  • Next, you need to save the PDF by adding a handwritten signature. For that, click the Save button to save the signature in the original PDF. Alternatively, you can use the Save as a button to create a new PDF document with a handwritten signature.
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So, here’s how to quickly sign PDF documents in Microsoft Edge using the native sweepstakes feature.

Create Signature in Microsoft Edge

2. Sign PDFs in Edge using add-ons

Some add-ons for Edge let you add a signature to PDFs right in the browser. In this post, we will be using a free additional service called Digital Signature for PDF Files. This special add-on service is used to add a handwritten signature to PDF files in the Edge browser.

This additional service lets you draw individual signatures and download them in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. You can then add the created signature to Word, PDF, and other documents.

Here are the main steps to sign PDF in Microsoft Edge using this add-on:

Launch Microsoft Edge. Go to the Edge Add-ons page. Find and Install Digital Signature for PDF Files add-on. Click this add-on icon from the top badge. Press the PDF button and Advanced Options. Import PDF document. Add handwritten signature with customized line width, color, etc. Save the signed PDF document.

Please follow these steps:

  • First, launch the Microsoft Edge browser and open the Add-ons page in it. To do so, go to the three-bar menu and click on the Extensions option.
  • Next, hit the Get extensions for Microsoft Edge option, and you will be directed to the Edge Add-ons page.
  • In the search bar, type and enter the Digital Signature for the PDF File. You will see the Digital Signature for PDF File add-on in the results. Click the Get button to install and add this extension to the Edge browser.
  • Now, click on the icon of this newly installed add-on from the extension badge. And hit the PDF and Advanced Options button.
  • The Signature Pad page will open in a new tab. In this tab, click the Select PDF File option to browse and load the source PDF document you want to add a handwritten signature.
  • After that, you need to set the drawing options for drawing the signature, including minimum line width, maximum line width, minimum dot spacing, pen color, and speed factor. Configure this option and then create a signature on the PDF anywhere. You can also select the PDF pages you want to add a handwritten signature to.
  • If you want to remove the added signature and draw a new signature, tap the New Signature option and draw your signature. It also gives you the Undo option to undo the previous action.
  • When finished signing the PDF document, select PDF Document as Save Format and then click the Download to Disk button to save the signed PDF document.
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This is how you can draw signatures and sign PDF documents in Microsoft Edge using this free add-on.

How to edit PDF in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge allowed some basic editing until now. It provides several annotation features, including Highlight, Draws, and Delete, used to draw annotations on PDF documents. You can also rotate pages of a PDF document in Edge.

Additionally, the new Chromium-based Edge browser supports Chrome-based extensions, so you can search for PDF editing extensions on the Edge Add-ons page and install one for PDF editing in Edge.

How to Create a Digital Signature document PDF in Windows 10?

Signing PDFs in Windows 10 is relatively easy. You can draw and add signatures to PDFs in Windows 10 using various software and tools such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Foxit Reader, Smallpdf, and several other PDF readers.

How to enable digital signature in Microsoft Edge?

You can enable digital signatures in Microsoft Edge. However, this feature is available in the current version of Microsoft Edge Canary. In addition, you can see the detailed procedure for helping and validating digital signatures in Microsoft Edge, which we discussed earlier.

How to digitally sign a PDF in Windows 10?

It’s pretty easy to sign PDF documents in Windows 10 digitally. You can use free software applications such as Free Advanced PDF Utility which lets you edit and digitally sign PDF files.

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Additionally, you can electronically sign PDF documents directly from your Edge browser, which we discussed in this article. I hope this article helped you sign PDF documents in Microsoft Edge browsing using two simple methods.

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