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How to Connect Nintendo Switch with Headphones via Bluetooth


How to Connect Nintendo Switch with Headphones via Bluetooth – Nintendo recently announced a significant update for the Switch with Bluetooth Audio support. The Switch previously had Bluetooth, but it could only connect compatible controllers and not audio devices, such as wireless headphones or TWS.

“Nintendo Switch already has Bluetooth audio support that allows users to use bluetooth or TWS headphones during play.”

Four years have passed, the Nintendo Switch is finally able to connect with a Bluetooth headset. Check out our guide to pairing a Bluetooth headset with the Nintendo Switch. Talking about this video game console, it may have been left behind with several other consoles entering the next generation. Call it Sony with PS5, and Microsoft with Xbox Series X|S.


While Nintendo is still struggling with the Switch and plans for the future through an upgraded version with its OLED screen, apart from all that, Nintendo finally released a software update for its owners with additional Bluetooth audio support.

Finally, after a long time, this video game console equipped with a Bluetooth connection finally gets Bluetooth audio support. Thus, you can use your favorite wireless headset or earphones with this Nintendo Switch.

How to connect Nintendo

For those of you wondering how to connect your favorite TWS or wireless headphones to the Switch, here’s Allingadget’s easy guide. Before installing, make sure the Switch is running the latest software, version 13.0.0 and above.

To check, open System Settings on the Switch, then select System. On the next page, there is a System Update option with console version information below it.


How to connect Bluetooth audio device to Switch

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Please scroll down to find the Bluetooth Audio menu and click on it
  3. Select Pair Device. Consoles that have Airplane Mode enabled will be prompted to stop the mode
  4. Make sure the audio device is ready to be connected and in pairing mode
  5. The console will search for available Bluetooth devices
  6. After finding your Bluetooth audio device, click on it, and the console will start connecting

After the pairing process is successful, your Bluetooth audio device is connected to the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. Easy isn’t it? Good luck!

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