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How to Check Your iPhone and iPad Battery Health


How to Check Your iPhone and iPad Battery Health – Like the batteries in Android phones or other electronic devices, the batteries in iPhone and iPad will also degrade over time. However, the decrease in the battery from one iPhone device to another will certainly vary depending on how intensively each device is used.

For people who often use the iPhone to play games, the battery will decrease in performance faster than the iPhone, which is rarely used to play games.


Check iPhone and iPad battery health

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and want to know the battery’s condition on your device, follow the steps below.

  1. How to Check iPhone and iPad Battery Health
  2. Open the Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad. After that, select the Battery menu.
  3. After entering the Battery menu, select the Battery Health option.
  4. Well, on this page, you can see the health level of your iPhone or iPad battery.

There is some key information related to the battery health of your iPhone or iPad. The first information is Maximum Capacity. My iPhone shows 100%, which means my iPhone battery health is at its best.

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The number may be different on your iPhone or iPad. The lower the number, the health of your iPhone or iPad battery means it is getting worse. You’ll also see the Peak Performance Capability information, which then reads below it. Your battery supports normal peak performance at this time.

Again, this information may be different on your iPhone.

At the bottom, there is an option to enable or disable Optimal Charging. My suggestion is to leave this option active. The function of this option is to slow down the decline in battery health. So, leave that option active.

Tips for Slowing down iPhone and iPad Battery Health

You certainly want your iPhone or iPad battery to stay in its best condition for a long time. That way, you can still use it comfortably without the need to charge it too often.

But the decline in battery health is certain. Sooner or later, the health of the battery will decrease.

But we can still slow it down in various ways.

Don’t use your iPhone or iPad for heavy work for long periods. An example is playing games. Use your iPhone and iPad to play games only as necessary.

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