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How to Call or Video Call WhatsApp on a Laptop/PC (Windows & Mac)


How to Call or Video Call WhatsApp on a Laptop/PC (Windows & Mac) – After being officially released by WhatsApp, as of February 4, 2021. The “Call” and “Video Call” features can already be enjoyed by WhatsApp desktop users, both Windows devices and macOS users. The existence of this feature certainly makes it easier for users who want to make video calls more freely and with a wider screen on a laptop or PC.

WhatsApp Web Video Call

Whatsapp web video call is a feature that makes it easy for users to make video calls via Whatsapp, either via the desktop application or web browser. WA web video calls have become a user’s favorite tool because to do so does not require additional applications, only through a web browser.

WhatsApp web is a way presented by Facebook, the parent of WA, in responding to the needs of WhatsApp users who want to use this instant messaging tool on devices other than applications on mobile phones. As a result, users can use a PC or laptop via a web page via a browser.

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Because WhatsApp can video call, of course, this feature is also present on the WhatsApp web. The experience felt by users is not much different when they use the video call feature either through the application on their cellphone or WhatsApp web.

For those of you who still don’t know how to do it, here we summarize how to make a WhatsApp call or video call on a laptop/PC (Windows and Mac) quickly and without any hassle!

How to Call or Video Call WhatsApp on a Laptop & PC

Before making a WhatsApp call or video call on a laptop/PC, first, pay attention to some of the notes below:

  1. This WhatsApp voice & video call feature can be run on devices based on Windows 10 64-Bit version 1903 and above and macOS version 10.13 and above.
  2. Both features can be accessed as long as the mobile version of WhatsApp is also active.
  3. Currently, these two features can only be done per individual/contact, while WhatsApp still doesn’t provide it for Groups.
  4. During use, both features will be displayed in a new tab/window in which the user can set the size for himself.
  5. Just like the mobile version, WhatsApp has guaranteed that both voice calls and video calls from the desktop version will be end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp will not hear or see it.
  6. The application will take advantage of the computer/laptop’s built-in microphone and webcam while using these two features.
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How to Make WhatsApp Voice Calls on Laptop or PC

Before doing the following method, make sure you have installed WhatsApp on your desktop PC or laptop. If it is installed, then make sure the WhatsApp application has been updated to the latest version. Also, check if your device’s built-in microphone and audio are functioning normally.

  1. Run the WhatsApp application on your computer or laptop
  2. Select the user contact you want to talk to
  3. Click the “Call” icon

How to Make WhatsApp Video Calls on Laptop or PC

  1. Check the built-in webcam, audio, and microphone on your computer or laptop, ensuring everything is working correctly.
  2. Run the WhatsApp application on your computer or laptop
  3. Select the contact of the user you want to communicate with
  4. Click the “Record Video” icon

That’s how to make a video call on the desktop version of WhatsApp on a PC or laptop. Now video calls via WhatsApp are more flexible because the computer screen is wider than the cellphone screen. Well, good luck with that!

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