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How to easily Block Phone Numbers on android To Avoid Interruption


How to easily Block Phone Numbers on android To Avoid Interruption – How do I block a phone number? HP is a tool that cannot be separated from life. With this cellphone, we can communicate with people who are very far away and search for various information through the applications installed in it.

But sometimes unknown numbers are annoying. The number does not stop sending messages or even calling us multiple times. Of course, this will be very annoying, and the only way is you have to block the number immediately.


To be able to block numbers, there are several ways you can do it. You can block directly from your cellphone. There is another way, namely, by using an application for those who use an Android smartphone. Complete information about how to block the cellphone number. Please follow the explanation below.

Here’s How to Block Phone Numbers on Android

1. Block Phone Numbers from Contacts

The way to block telephone numbers that we first discussed is through smartphone contact. This method is the most common and is done by Android smartphone users and iOS and even Symbian.

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The steps you have to do are:

  • First, open the contact on the smartphone. If the number has not appeared in the contact list, please save the number first
  • Second, after being in the contact menu, you search for the contact name according to the number you are going to block
  • Select at the bottom. You will find a menu that says Block this contact
  • All you have to do is click on the menu, and you have successfully blocked the number

2. Block Phone Numbers from Messages

Apart from going through the contact menu, another way you can block phone numbers is through messages. You can apply this method if you get annoying messages from unknown people and you want to block the number.

To block it, you don’t have to save the number but can directly block it from the message. The steps are as below:

  • First, please open the message of the person you wish to block the number from
  • Second, please click the Details or Next menu
  • Third, please enter the section where you want to save the number
  • You will enter the new contact menu
  • Now you have to select the Block This Number menu without having to save the number


How to Block a Phone Number with an App

1. Call Control

In addition to using the method above, how to block phone numbers, you also use an application. You can get this application on the Play Store for free. The name of the application is Call Control.

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As the name implies, this application is in charge of controlling the contact numbers on your cellphone. Call Control is a popular application for managing contact numbers. This application has a size of only 11 MB, so it doesn’t need to take up much storage space.

One of Call Control’s great things is that it can find strangers who have previously contacted you. Call Control can also be an application to block contact numbers.

For the steps, namely:

  • Download the Call Control application and wait for the download to complete
  • Open the application and select the Allow or Allow menu
  • Just block the phone number by following the steps that have been given

2. Calls Blacklist

Another application that you can also use to block phone numbers is Calls Blacklist.

The steps to use the Call Blacklist are:

  • Download and open the Call Blacklist application.
  • After opening this app, Call Blacklist will ask for permission to access phone settings. Then select OK.
  • In the next step, click the + sign in the lower right corner.
  • Decide which number do you want.
  • If you have not saved the number, you must select it from the call log.
  • You have to check or choose the number that is your target.
  • Now the number will be automatically blocked.
  • To unblock it, press and hold on to the number you blocked. Then select delete or delete.
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3. AntiNuisance

One of the advantages of AntiNuisance over other applications is that it is very small in size. This application only has a size of 2.5 MB.

Besides being able to block numbers, AntiNuisance also provides a feature where you can schedule when you can be contacted and not be contacted. This feature is called Do Not Disturb (DND).

To block a phone number using AntiNuisance is as follows:

  • Download then open the AntiNuisance application.
  • Block the number you want to block.
  • Just follow. the available instructions
  • Now the phone number will automatically be entered into the blacklist or blocked menu.
  • Those are some ways to block phone numbers that we can explain either using the application or directly via an Android device.

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