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How to Access iCloud Data Through an Android Smartphone


How to Access iCloud Data Through an Android Smartphone – Many people use different devices from different manufacturers, for example, iPhone and Samsung. Although always comparing A is better than B or vice versa, in the end, the integration between the two is the only solution that users of this dual device need.

It turns out that iCloud data can be accessed via a browser on an Android phone. Here we share the steps.

iPhone users may be wondering, is it possible to access iCloud data through an Android phone? The answer is, of course, you can, and it’s very easy. You need to open Google Chrome and enter your iCloud account.


Here’s how to access iCloud data via an Android smartphone

  1. Open Google Chrome or any browser on your Android phone
  2. Then search
  3. Enter your Apple ID and validate your credentials. it will be easier if you use some two-factor authentication
  4. After that, Apple will ask you to trust this browser. So, click Trust

You are then signed in to iCloud and can access applications such as Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, Reminders, and Find iPhone or Find My. In each application, you can access content, add content, or even take screenshots or download content, such as photos.

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Easy isn’t it? While it’s not as ideal as if Apple’s apps were built specifically for Android, at least there’s a way to access some of the important data in iCloud. Through the Android browser, too, you can access iCloud account settings.

Plus, iOS 15 now allows Android and PC users to join FaceTime calls for the first time. Hopefully, more integration between iOS and Android will come in the future.

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