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How Tips Not Added To Whatsapp Group Without Your Permission


How Tips Not Added To Whatsapp Group – Whatsapp group is a Whatsapp chat place that is used to communicate in which there are more than two members. WhatsApp groups are a place for chatting and a place for communication for various interests such as business, discussion, etc.

It’s just that often WhatsApp users feel annoyed when they are suddenly invited into a group link without the permission or knowledge of the users. It often happens when someone not registered in the phone contact invites users to join the WhatsApp group.

This makes some users feel annoyed and think that the person who invites does not have polite and careless ethics.


How to not be added to a Whatsapp Group

If the users feel disturbed by this problem, the users can follow the following steps to solve the problem. Here’s the explanation:

1. Open the WhatsApp application on the cellphone, select the three-dot option on the top right side of the screen.

2. Go to Settings, then Account > Privacy > Groups.

3. This option can be selected to set who can invite or add you to the WA group. Choose one of the three options displayed according to your needs.

  • Everyone: If you select everyone, all WhatsApp users, including those whose numbers aren’t already saved in contacts, will be able to add you to the group.
  • My Contacts: Only your contacts can add you to groups.
  • My Contacts Except: This option gives you the option of restricting only specific contacts that can add you to a WA group.
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4. As a way of not being included in the WA group, you can choose the My contacts except option so that no one can add you to the WA group without your permission. After changing the above settings, the admin of the group that invited your number, the group admin, can still send the invite link to ask you to join the WA group.

However, you can still ignore the invitation link, so you don’t enter the WA group. You are given at least three days to accept or decline a request to join a group before the invitation expires.

Turn off group notifications

On the other hand, if you have continued to join a group but are reluctant to leave, the solution is to turn off WhatsApp group notifications.

  • Go to the group whose notifications you want to turn off.
  • Select the More option or the three dots on the right.
  • Select the Mute option for eight hours, one week, or even forever.

That’s how you can’t be included in the WA group. These simple steps can help you stop group invitations and endless barrage of messages on your phone.

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