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Hackers Can Block Your WhatsApp Using Your Phone Number


Hackers Can Block Your WhatsApp Using Your Phone Number. – User privacy is mandatory to guarantee its security on all services—no exception chat applications like WhatsApp. Lately, there are many ways to block WhatsApp accounts. The only information the attacker needed was the user’s account phone number.

As reported by Voice from the Forbes page. Tuesday (13/4/2021), the attacker’s first step is to install WhatsApp on a new cellphone using your cellphone number to activate the service.

Furthermore, using two-factor authorization (2FA). They are trying to verify that you are the person who has just set up a new WhatsApp service on that phone.

Since you’re not the one trying to log in, this procedure will fail over and over again. And if you do this frequently, it will result in your account login being suspended for 12 hours.


The hacker sent an email to WhatsApp stating that his phone was stolen or lost for the next step. And ask that the WhatsApp account associated with the number be closed.

Following this request, WhatsApp sent an email confirming that the account has been suspended. But without asking for any information from the attacker, who can prove that the request to suspend the account came from the account’s rightful owner.

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This process can be repeated many times. So you can’t access your WhatsApp account.

Hackers Block WhatsApp

Security researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña complete the proof of concept. It shows how this attack can block user accounts. The good news is, what these hackers can’t do is give you access to your account and keep your secret messages private.

Regarding this, WhatsApp has not said anything about this security neglect. WhatsApp recommends that users provide their email address and two-factor authorization “credentials” to help prevent the scenario mentioned above from occurring.

“This is another worrying hack, which could impact the millions of users who could potentially be the target of this attack,” says ESET’s Jake Moore.

According to him, many people rely on WhatsApp as their primary means of communication. As for social and work purposes, this is a cause for concern.

After leaking many user privacy issues and WhatsApp’s new policy, which is considered controversial, the WhatsApp service should also be improved. Moreover, competing chat applications such as Telegram and Signal have also recorded a significant increase in users since 2021.

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