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Google Tensor Specifications: Latest Chipset from Google


Google Tensor Specifications: Latest Chipset from Google – The interest and participation from the launch of the Pixel 6 series at this time are indeed relatively high. Google is coming up with a new design for its flagships, which will also feature Google’s first mobile chipset, the Google Tensor.

There are lots of details about the processor as well as CPU and GPU details. New info has now surfaced and gives a different picture of how powerful the chipset is.

Google Tensor Specifications

Launching XDA-Developers, the discovery from the XDA-Developers team got the details of the Tensor chipset from an unnamed source who had the original Pixel 6 Pro in his hands. The source can confirm that the Tensor processor does indeed have a 2+2+4 CPU core array. He also confirmed that the frequency was correct.

The exciting part, which is the exact CPU part, is found in the system files, and they reveal a massive difference in CPU cores from what was previously reported.

Google Tensor

CPU Cores

The Google Tensor CPU cores are 2x Arm Cortex-X1 cores clocked at 2.802GHz, 2x Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.53GHz, and 4x Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.80GHz. Previous reports have stated that it has 2x the newer Cortex-A78 cores.

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Surprisingly, the Tensor chip uses an older Arm performance core. Still, the XDA Developers report says the info was cross-checked with other devices to confirm they weren’t misinterpreting the details they got.

Other confirmed details for the Pixel 6 Pro are 12GB RAM, 128GB UFS storage, hardware-accelerated AV1 decoder by Google Tensor chip. It also supports aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth audio codecs as well as Sony’s LDAC codec.

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