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Getcontact Features, In addition to Tracking Foreign Numbers


Getcontact Features – Have you ever continuously received calls or SMS from unknown foreign phone numbers until you felt uncomfortable and disturbed? Maybe an easy way not to be disturbed by calls and SMS from unknown people can be to block their number from the cellular operator settings.

However, if you are curious about who is behind the unknown phone number, you can now track it down easily. There is an application called Getcontact, which is often used to trace the phone numbers of unknown people.

Getcontact is?

The Get Contact application allows you to find out your name on other people’s cellphones, as well as find out the names of unknown numbers that enter your calls. Then how to use Get Contact to find out our name in other people’s contacts? The method is also very easy for you to do.


Getcontact Features

Besides having interesting features such as instant blocking, real-time caller identification, and spam protection, Getcontact is also very easy to use on our cellphones.

Track mysterious number

Just follow a few steps, you can immediately track the mysterious phone number that entered your cellphone. Instead of being curious, here are some steps you can follow.

  1. Download and open the Getcontact application on your cellphone.
  2. Grant the app access permission by selecting Allow.
  3. Verify the phone number.
  4. Type the phone number you want to track in the field
  5. View the displayed phone number info.
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Spam protection

Getcontact also has a feature for spam protection. Here’s how:

  • Open the application, then click Other.
  • Click Settings and open Spam Settings
  • Next, you will see two options: ‘Show warning for spam and fraud calls’ if you want to activate notification of spam detected numbers alert.
  • If you want to block detected calls, click ‘Block all spam calls.’

Delete your number tag

In addition, Getcontact can also delete your number tag, which is in the following way.

  • Enter the GetContact app
  • After that, select another.
  • If you have clicked on your profile.
  • You will see many tags under the profile.
  • You can delete it by sliding one tag name to the left, and you can see a picture of a trash can, then slide it to the left until it gets stuck. That way, it will be automatically deleted.
  • After that, you will get a marker report. So it can be suggested if you choose, this marker does not represent me. That way, the GetContact application will remove the tag.
  • Then click report. If there is a notice, then click ok.
  • That way, the tag can no longer be seen or deleted.

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