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Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Perfect Everyday TWS with ANC Feature


Galaxy Buds 2 Review

Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Perfect Everyday TWS with ANC Feature – In early August, Samsung launched its latest generation of earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2, along with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 folding smartphone series. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 adopts the Active Noise Cancellation feature from the Pro model released last January. However, these earbuds are still positioned as the successor to the Buds+.

Galaxy Buds 2 feature UL Verification-verified ANC, with the ability to reduce ambient noise by up to 98%. Thus, the ambient sound should be almost inaudible when the user activates ANC mode.



Outwardly, the Galaxy Buds 2 has the same design as the Buds Pro and Live. The case of the earbuds is square with a glossy finish that makes it shiny and doesn’t get dirty quickly due to finger marks. But if you look in more detail, the size is smaller, and the earbuds are lighter.

These pea-like earbuds are claimed to be the smallest earbuds in Samsung’s entire Buds series. The shape and design are really simple, with a single color composition without any details. Suppose the Galaxy Buds Pro has silver accents on the outside of the earbuds, not with the Galaxy Buds 2. The earbuds are only polished with the same color as the inside of the case and the ear tips.

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Apart from the color, the layout inside the case is still the same as the Pro version. It’s just that the description “Sound by AKG,” which was previously on the front of the casing, has now been moved inside. On the outside, there is an indicator light and a port for charging with USB Type-C.



Galaxy Buds 2 are equipped with Dynamic two-way speakers, which are two speakers that serve as tweeters and woofers, respectively. The speaker is claimed to be able to provide deeper bass and cleaner high notes. In addition, three microphones can improve the user’s voice quality when making phone calls or recording voices.

The process of pairing earbuds to a smartphone, especially the Samsung Galaxy, is very easy. When opening the earbud case, the smartphone (with Bluetooth on) will automatically display a pairing request with the earbuds. Click the Connect button. In an instant, the smartphone has connected earbuds. Oh yeah, make sure you already have the Galaxy Wearable app for non-Samsung users.

After connecting once, the earbuds will automatically connect to the same smartphone without going through the pairing process again. Even if the smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned off and on again, the earbuds will still connect automatically. Galaxy Buds 2 audio settings can also be adjusted via the Galaxy Wearable application, starting from the equalizer, touch controls, noise control settings, Fit Test and Find My Earbuds.

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The Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds retail for $299. In terms of the ability to capture sound, Galaxy Buds 2 is supported by a Voice Pickup Unit, DNN Solution, and three microphones consisting of 2 outer mics (beamforming) and one inner mic. Samsung claims that outer mics can filter out surrounding sounds, while DNN Solution will turn off sounds from outside so that the other person can hear only the caller’s voice.

The resulting audio sounds clear. Unfortunately, the earbuds can only accept or reject incoming calls from regular phones, namely phones that use credit. While data-based audio calls, such as WhatsApp, cannot be picked up by touching the earbuds twice.

This is the same obstacle that the Galaxy Buds Pro also has. Samsung needs to address this issue and figure out a way to make calls from the messaging app accessible via the touch controls of the earbuds.

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