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Creative QR Code Features in Business, Here are 4 Ways to Apply it!


Creative QR Code Features in Business – The purpose of technology, always and will never change, is to make it easier for humans in every work process and daily activity. Everything is easier and faster, whether it’s changing strenuous activities into light ones, digital ones, or even activities with complex processes into simple ones.

What is a QR Code?

The QR Code is the most appropriate definition of technological convenience, especially in pandemic conditions where physical contact is always minimized. As a result, the QR Code that is scanned using a smartphone camera is excellent. Want to read certain info? Scan the QR Code. Want to make a payment at a restaurant? Scan the QR Code. Want to join a group chat? Again, scan the QR Code.

Therefore, QR codes can not only be used in everyday life but also in business. Let’s make your customers’ shopping experience more different and unique with the creative application of the QR Code below!


1. Create informative content

One interesting way to use QR Codes creatively is to embed informative content related to products purchased by customers. For example, when a customer buys a packet of roasted coffee, you can include a QR Code containing video tips and recipes for brewing the coffee.

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You can also include a video in the form of a QnA about a product, whether it’s how to use it, its quality, to its specifications.

2. Interaction with customers

QR Code, interestingly, you can use as a means and medium for interaction with customers. Customers can use the QR Code to interact with your business customer service connected to the chat application.

Or you provide the QR Code to provide information about the manufacture and origin of the products you sell to your customers. In addition, you can also use the QR Code to provide instructions regarding new products that you will release sometime in the future.

3. Order System

Do you have a system that is quite capable in your shop or restaurant? Try integrating the ordering system into the QR Code. These tips make everything transparent because it is easier for customers to place orders and know to what extent the order has been processed.

Everything is integrated into one system, and employees can immediately make orders that have entered their system in the kitchen.

4. Mini-Game with Prizes

Engage your customers with mini-games that can be scanned in your QR Code. Give gifts or small rewards after they complete each mini-game. The existence of mini-games in this QR Code can be one of your marketing alternatives, too, because if it is well designed, your strategy will be discussed by many people and become a cheap and fast-spread marketing method.

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The convenience of technology such as the QR Code has many ‘branches’ for you to use wisely and creatively. As a result, you have more ways to stay in touch with your customers and make them more attached to your business.

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