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Connect to WiFi Without Password, This is the Easy Way


Connect to WiFi Without Password

Connect to WiFi Without Password, This is the Easy Way – Going to a place with a WiFi network is a distinct advantage for those of you who save a bit on quota or don’t even have a quota. However, asking the owner for the WiFi password also tests some people’s self-esteem.

Luckily, Google has a feature where a user of a new WiFi network can connect without entering a password. The trick is to scan the QR code on a smartphone that is already connected to the network.


Google has an essential feature for smartphones with Android 12, where users can connect to WiFi without a password.

Quoted from Android Central (24/8), there are three ways to share WiFi credentials on Android 12: QR code, cleartext, and Nearby Share. The QR code itself already exists on several smartphones running Android 11. During the process, the WiFi credentials will be displayed in cleartext, so you can find out the WiFi password via a friend’s smartphone that is already connected.

Check out the steps

QR code, cleartext, and Nearby Share are also located on the same page. So, there is only one type of step to use it, which is below.

  • Open WiFi settings on a connected smartphone
  • Select the desired WiFi network.
  • Then click the settings menu on the WiFi.
  • On the new page, you will see information in cleartext regarding the SSID and WiFi password.
  • If you want to share the QR code or use Nearby Share, click the Share option.
  • Then a QR code will appear in the middle of the screen that your smartphone can scan, along with the Nearby Share button below it.
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Please note, when you want to scan the QR code, make sure you have opened the same WiFi settings. After that, select Scan, and the smartphone will be connected to WiFi without entering a password.

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