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Completing Anti-Raiden Shogun Training Genshin Impact


Anti-Raiden Shogun is a pretty exciting quest because many are frustrated by failing to complete it. Gamers need to know the mechanics to get through it.

Genshin Impact version 2.1 is here and can be played by gamers. In this version, there are many updates, one of which is the new Archon Quest. When running the new Archon Quest, gamers must complete one of the quests called Anti-Raiden Shogun Training.

Anti-Raiden Shogun Training

It turns out that this quest is not easy to complete. Many gamers find it difficult to complete this quest. How not, players must survive for 95 seconds from the sudden attack of the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training machine. Interestingly, gamers should not receive many attacks. To help gamers complete the new Archon Quest, consider the following tips.


Anti-Raiden Shogun Training Machine Attack

This machine has three different attacks. The first attack will be centered in the center of the machine with a fairly wide radius. However, this attack can be avoided entirely by being on the edge of the area where there is a boundary line.

The second and third attacks will lead to the character, where gamers must dodge by sprinting when they hear a sound. In order to avoid easily, gamers must move around by forming a circle pattern on the edge of the area while watching for incoming attacks through sound.

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Final Strike

When time is running out, the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training machine will issue several orbs. In this condition, gamers must quickly destroy one of the orbs. Why? Because the damage given is very large.

Characters with Pyro elements are highly recommended, but players should also be careful because the fire will burn the grass. This must also be taken into account.

Character Recommendations

Some characters that can increase Movement SPD, such as Rosaria at night, can be helpful in this quest. Alternatively, you can also use 2 Anemo elemental characters to increase the Movement SPD of Resonance Anemo.

If gamers have Sayu, it will be beneficial because it can roll quickly. Characters that can reduce stamina when sprinting like Kaeya, Razor, and Kazuha can also be helpful in this quest.

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