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Clubhouse Android Version Available on Google Play Store


Clubhouse Android Version Available on Google Play Store. – Throughout 2020, one of the most talked-about applications for smartphone users was Clubhouse. Clubhouse succeeded in attracting social media users’ days using a different approach, namely voice-based social media.

However, unlike podcasts that can be played at any time, we can only listen to the speakers’ voices at the Clubhouse right away. When the event has ended, the sound can no longer be heard.

Another thing that makes this application soar is because several world-famous figures also use it, one of which is Elon Musk.

But unfortunately, for almost a year, this platform was online, Clubhouse was still exclusive to the iOS platform. As a result, only iPhone users can use this application, while green robot users still have to be patient.

Clubhouse Android Version

But a few days ago, through its official blog page. Clubhouse announced that their application would be available for Android users. In the blog post, one of the reasons Clubhouse has only been available for one platform (iOS) is to maintain its platform’s stability.

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Because if the community is allowed to grow too fast, it can crash the app. If you search for “clubhouse” in the Google Play search field, you will find the Clubhouse application in Pre-Registration status.

What does it mean?

This means that you can only click the Pre-registration button. The Clubhouse application will be automatically downloaded if it has been released publicly. Just like the iOS version, you also need an invitation code if the Clubhouse app is installed on your Android phone later.

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