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Causes and How to Solve WhatsApp Can’t Accept Images


Causes and How to Solve WhatsApp Can’t Accept Images – How to solve WhatsApp not receiving pictures? WhatsApp is a top-rated chat application. Almost everyone who uses a smartphone must install this application for daily communication.

Based on the information we get, there are at least 1.5 billion more active WhatsApp users within a month. This figure tends to increase over time.

Moreover, the increasing number of smartphone users will have an impact on the growing number of WhatsApp users as well. Not only for communicating, but WhatsApp also provides many features for sharing post status, both text, images, and videos.

how to solve whatsapp

It is not impossible that in the future, WhatsApp will also present other features. With all the advantages contained in the WhatsApp application, the application still sometimes has problems.

Problems experienced can be caused by smartphones, applications, or the user himself. One of the obstacles is that WhatsApp cannot send or receive images. So what exactly is causing this problem to occur? Check out our explanation below.

Causes of WhatsApp Cannot Receive Images

What causes the application not to receive images? We will explain some of the reasons below. Maybe one of them is the reason why your WhatsApp is having the same problem.

  1. Problematic Internet Connection: The first and common cause may be an unstable internet connection, or even your smartphone is not connected to the internet. You need to check your internet connection by activating airplane mode and then deactivating it. The goal is to provoke a signal.
  2. Error Setting Date and Time: Even though it seems simple, setting the wrong date and month can also cause WhatsApp problems. You may have issues not only receiving or sending pictures but also not sending messages or other files.
  3. Internal Memory Full: This could be why WhatsApp can’t receive pictures because of the full storage media capacity. So, the memory can no longer store the images you want to save
  4. External Memory Settings Read-Only Mode: If the settings on external or internal memory are in Read-Only mode (it can also be in a folder), you cannot receive images. You have to change the mode to write to download and save the image and not just view it without saving it.
  5. WhatsApp Problems: Another cause might be the WhatsApp application that you are using. It is possible that the application is still in repair or having problems with the server. Your application can also ask to be updated.
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How to Solve WhatsApp Can’t Accept Pictures

After understanding some of the things that cause the WhatsApp application not to accept images, the following explanation is about how you should do so that WhatsApp can receive pictures again.

1. Checking the Time and Date Settings

The first way you can do this is by checking the time and date settings. We have explained this explanation that the wrong time and date configuration can make WhatsApp unable to send or receive images.

Therefore, you need to enter the WhatsApp settings menu and check whether the time and date settings are correct.

2. Checking Internet Connection

If there is a problem with WhatsApp not being able to receive pictures due to internet connection problems, then you can try moving to a place that has a stable internet connection. You can also switch from a cellular connection to Wi-Fi or vice versa, depending on the internet connection problems you are experiencing.

Also, the provider you are using may indeed have a slow connection at certain hours. You can also activate airplane mode and then deactivate it to look for new signals.

3. Cleaning Memory

If you are experiencing the problem because of the full storage memory, you need to clean it. You can move files that have a large capacity to external memory. You can also move the file to the computer.

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And you can also use an application to clean junk files and duplicate files on the Play Store and App Store. There are many WhatsApp junk file cleaning applications that you can use. Take advantage of these applications, and your smartphone has a refreshing storage capacity.

So, you can save the image.

4. Check Application Licensing

The problem that you may rarely realize is that your WhatsApp application requires Permission to operate normally. Usually, a notification will appear so that you give the application permission to operate, including WhatsApp.

You can check WhatsApp permissions via the method below.

  • Enter Settings, then go to Applications & Notifications, select Applications
  • Select WhatsApp, then view application info
  • Please select Permission to check all application permissions
  • You have to make sure all of these permissions are active
  • Done

5. Delete WhatsApp Data

This method is sometimes effective for dealing with problematic applications or, in this case, WhatsApp. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings – Applications & Notifications – Applications
  • Select WhatsApp
  • And now select Storage
  • Select Clear Data
  • Tap OK
  • Done

6. Reinstall WhatsApp

The way to deal with WhatsApp not being able to receive images which might be the last way, is to reinstall the application. It’s possible that your WhatsApp has bugs or is corrupted so that it can’t run normally.

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So, you have to uninstall it and then reinstall it. We suggest that you back up WhatsApp first.

Thus we review how to solve WhatsApp can’t accept images.

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