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Canon PowerShot PX Review, AI Feature, Specifications & Price


Canon PowerShot PX Review, AI Feature, Specifications & Price – Earlier this year, Canon released a smart camera called the Canon PowerShot PICK in Japan. Successful debut in their home country, Canon is now officially announcing the availability of the camera globally.

However, its name was changed to PowerShot PX. This camera is reinforced with several excellent features. In addition, the Canon PowerShot PX is informed that it can take photos and record videos at home that the user can see.

Canon PowerShot PX Review

The Canon PowerShot PX is a home surveillance camera for capturing your family’s memories. The PowerShot PX can automatically take photos and videos using the subject recognition feature. PowerShot PX can detect and select pictures that can be viewed later.


Powershot PX Specifications

Brand Canon
Model PowerShot PX Smart Camera
Status Available
Launch Date October 28, 2021
Subject Detection Yes
Face Recognition Yes
Left or Right Pan 170 degree
Tilt-Up 90  degree
Tilt Down 20 degree
Sensor 11.7 MP CMOS, 1 / 2.3 inch
Processor Digic 7
Video Rec Full HD
App support Android, iOS

PowerShot PX Features

The Canon PowerShot PX is a smart camera designed for users who don’t know how to shoot. With the help of artificial intelligence, this camera can automatically analyze the scene and track the subject’s face to take pictures. According to Canon, his artificial intelligence has also been trained to detect natural expressions and reactions in subjects. That way, users can get the perfect candid photo.

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Canon PowerShot PX can carry an 11.7 MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor paired with a Canon DIGIC 7 processor. This sensor can produce photos at 12-megapixel resolution and record video in Full HD 1080/60p resolution. In the lens section, Canon has installed a lens with a 19-57mm focal distance with 3x optical zoom capability. If you cannot zoom, the lens can be increased via digital zoom up to 4x.


Another Canon PowerShot PX feature is this camera is equipped with a microSD slot, Wi-Fi and is powered by a battery that can be used for up to about 5 hours. There is also support for control features via voice commands. All photos or videos from this camera can be sent automatically directly to the cellphone, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. If you use the Canon Webcam Utility application, the PowerShot PX can also be used as a webcam for video conferencing.

This camera has similarities with security cameras, but it is intended to take pictures or record the joy of family memories in the house.


The photo capture format is JPG, while the video has an MP4 format in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), which is stored in 16 GB of memory. It is also equipped with up/down (tilt) and left/right (pan) movement mechanisms, allowing it to move 340 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically.

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The pan and tilt mechanism allows the PowerShot PX to detect smart photo framing, placing it in a different class from traditional security cameras. With PowerShot PX, you can easily transfer photos and videos to a PC with available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Using the connected application, you can sort and select content. The PowerShot PX also features a voice control function that you can activate to record specific images. There is no mention of artificial intelligence capabilities for the subject recognition feature, which limits the functionality of this camera.

Canon PowerShot PX Price

If interested this camera will be available with a choice of black and white. The price for the Canon PowerShot PX is US$580 or 500 euros.

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