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Bitcoin continues to skyrocket, can be $400 thousand!


Bitcoin continues to skyrocket, can be $400 thousand! – Crypto asset value growth, such as bitcoin, has recently hit records and is in demand by investors. According to Forbes, the latest bitcoin value has reached a record USD 63 thousand. There are even predictions that bitcoin’s value can continue to grow and reach up to USD 400 thousand by the end of this year.

“Now, while some analysts are trying to see where the top is, a Bloomberg analyst predicts that the price of Bitcoin can penetrate the USD this year,” said Forbes, which we quoted on Thursday (15/4/2021)

In the April issue of “Crypto Outlook,” Bloomberg provides the highest price projection compared to others. The analyst, Mike McGlone, assesses the technical forecast for bitcoin in 2021 remains vital towards the upside, taking into account past patterns.


Bitcoin continued to increase until the end of the year

reported by Nasdaq, Bloomberg’s projection is based on the historical calculation of the Bitcoin movement. Which is analyzed by several factors such as liquidity, volatility, and bitcoins mined.

Analysts from Bloomberg explained that if the number of market participants who want to sell bitcoin is lower than usual, many of them prefer to keep it for a long time. This is due to the wider acceptance of bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is a currency in electronic form, also known as virtual currency, digital currency, or cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency), so there is no physical form at all.

In Bitcoin, there are no coins like conventional currencies. Like any other digital currency, Bitcoin is stored on the internet. Even though it doesn’t exist in a dollar currency, Bitcoin is still accurate and exists. Bitcoin is commonly used for online transactions on the internet.

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