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Best Application Recommendations for Online Learning


Best Application Online Learning

Best Application Recommendations for Online Learning – During the current pandemic, teaching and learning are being carried out online. To maximize online learning activities during a pandemic, both teachers and students need help with online learning applications. This application usually contains various school materials along with the questions and answers. This application is also a forum for teachers and students to carry out distance learning.

The following are recommendations for the best online learning applications that can be used for smooth learning and teaching today.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is quite considered as one of the best-recommended applications for online learning. This application made by Google can make it easier for students to study at home online via Google Class or Google Classroom.

To access Google Classroom, users must be connected to the internet and must have a Gmail account. And this is very helpful because in general, smartphone users based on the Android operating system have a Gmail account. Teachers and students often use this application to facilitate the distance learning process. Teachers and students can interact, consult, or do assignments.

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2. Edmodo

Edmodo applications are often recommendation as applications for online learning. This Application has an easy interface and powerful features, and the Edmodo application can connect teachers, students, and parents for teaching and learning activities.

In the Edmodo application, teachers can also use features to deliver material and assignments. Students will connect directly with the teacher via the direct message feature. Edmodo’s many features make it very interesting. Edmodo application is one of the best online teaching and learning applications today.


3. Brainly

Students often use the Brainly application to study online. The Brainly application is free and is classified as easy to use. Although Brainly is English based. If you don’t understand or want to ask about various subjects, you can ask through this application. This application will answer questions. Pretty helpful, right?

4. Quipper School

The Quipper School application helps teachers and students in the distance learning process. An added value of Quipper School is that this application comes with innovative programs, making this application reliable enough to support the smooth learning process.

With Quipper School teachers can create learning materials, exam questions, assignments, homework. Teachers can also send student grades directly via Quipper School. Just like teachers, students can also access lesson questions or do assignments and homework online. Extraordinary isn’t it!

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These are the best application recommendations for online learning that can help the learning process. The various subject matter from elementary to high school are available in the application. So, you will have no more trouble learning online.

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