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Automatically Summarize Documents with Google Docs


Automatically Summarize Documents with Google Docs – Google is reportedly adding a new feature to Smart Canvas that makes it easier for users to summarize a document. As is known, Smart Canvas is the company’s innovation in presenting a hybrid container that unifies all services, such as Google Docs, Meet, Slides, and Sheets.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is an app that you can use to write anything, anywhere, and share it with whoever you want. Google Docs is a word processing service provided to Google users for free.

In short, if you are familiar with Microsoft Word, then Google Docs is another version that allows you to create, edit, and share written documents online. Google Docs can be used to create a wide variety of important documents. They start from meeting notes, cover letters, proposals, and much more.


Google Docs Summarizing Features

This new feature helps users automatically generate summaries, which provide a quick overview of the main points in a document in Docs. This feature takes advantage of the AI ​​technology embedded by the company.

Google says that when users open Docs, a summary will appear on the left, providing a broad overview of the document’s contents. Even though summaries are generated automatically, users can still edit them themselves.

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“Summaries in Docs provide a quick overview of the main points in a document, so you can quickly break down important information and prioritize focus,” Google said in an announcement on its official blog.

In addition to the summary feature, Google brings a new look to Docs. More and more people working from home today create fewer documents to print. Instead, they use documents online, via laptops or smartphones.

For this reason, Google launched the pageless Docs format, which allows users to remove page borders so that documents look wider and are more effective for use on smartphone or laptop screens. However, if you want to print the document, the user can switch back to page view.

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