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Asus ROG Cetra II Core Review: Amazing Specs & Performance


Asus ROG Cetra II Core Review

Asus ROG Cetra II Core Review: Amazing Specs & Performance – Asus some time ago released the latest product in the gaming earphone category through the Asus ROG Cetra II Core, which is still a member of the family of the second generation of the ROG Cetra Series. As the name implies, this variant comes as an affordable version. That’s because there are no ANC and Ambient Mode features.

Even so, Asus promises that the audio quality of the ROG Cetra II Core is still competent and of high quality for the gaming experience. The good news is that these in-ear gaming earphones can be used on all types of gaming platforms.


ROG Cetra II Core Specification

The Asus ROG Cetra II Core has a 3.5mm audio jack model connection, making it compatible with many smartphones or devices that don’t have USB-C for audio. Devices such as laptops and PCs, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and previous series can still use the Asus ROG Cetra Ii Core.

In the sales package, the Asus ROG Cetra II Core is equipped with a splitter for connection to the earphone and microphone audio jack if users want to rely on other microphone accessories and are not comfortable with the in-line mic on the ROG Cetra II Core. In it are also available three pairs of ear tips and ear fins that are distinguished by size.

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This accessory is important enough so that users with various ear sizes can enjoy the Asus ROG Cetra II Core comfortably. Asus also equips it with a compact travel case to store everything. Unfortunately, in it, there is no section to facilitate the process of winding the cable.


ROG Cetra II Core Performance

The Asus ROG Cetra II Core earphones attach quite tightly and are comfortable in the ear. Its lightweight feels unobtrusive when used and occasionally has to look left or right. The position of the ROG Cetra II Core in the ear remains firmly attached.

The audio quality of the Asus ROG Cetra II earphones is very satisfying. The sound quality is sharp and detailed and feels better than premium in-ear earphones not intended for gaming.

The Asus ROG Cetra II Core headset uses Asus Essence audio drivers. With liquid silicone rubber material, it makes the audio quality suitable. However, it comes from accessories such as in-ear earphones, which are lightweight for user comfort.

In the cable section, there is an in-line microphone and control buttons, namely Volume Up, Volume Down, and Play/Pause. Once again, the absence of the Active Noise Cancellation feature makes the surrounding noise still annoying and audible to the other person.

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Conclusion & Price

The Asus ROG Cetra II Core in-ear earphones are very appropriate and satisfying as a substitute for gaming headsets for users who have limited funds but want the best quality gaming accessories. The price alone is $56.01.

The complete Asus ROG Cetra II Core sales package also makes it more appropriate to choose this product over premium earphones instead of the gaming segment.

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