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Apple Music Finally Brings Lossless Feature, Awesome!


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Lossless Features

Apple Music Finally Brings Lossless Feature, Awesome! – Apple has started to spread lossless and spatial audio features in their music service, Apple Music. This feature allows users to choose a higher song streaming quality.

This lossless feature is temporarily available in Apple Music for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. The update itself is carried out on a server-side and is carried out in stages.

To be able to see whether this feature is available or not, it can be seen from the Music settings. The ‘Audio Quality’ option will appear or can be seen from the logo that appears in the Apple Music application.

Users can choose the desired audio quality from three available options, namely ‘High Quality’ (a standard audio quality that previously existed), Lossless, which uses ALAC format 24bit/48kHz, to High-Resolution Lossless with ALAC format up to 24bit/192kHz.



Keep in mind, even if the user chooses the highest option, it doesn’t necessarily mean the song you want to listen to supports that format. From our quick search, most of the available songs only support 16bit/44.1kHz lossless format.

But some already support Hi-Res Lossless, for example, album 25 from Adele, which supports 24bit/96kHz. For songs with 24bit/192kHz quality, what we found was the X&Y album from Coldplay.

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Keep in mind. This lossless format requires a fast internet connection and also large storage. Apple calls a 3-minute song at 24bit/192kHz up to 145MB in size, while at 24bit/48kHz, it’s 36MB in size.

Initially, there were 20 million songs available in lossless quality. Apple targets all songs on Apple Music, which has more than 75 million songs, to be lossless by the end of 2021.

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