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Apple Mac Studio Review: M1 Ultra, Specs, Features & Price


Apple Mac Studio Review: M1 Ultra, Specs, Features & Price – Apple introduced a revolutionary mini PC called the Mac Studio, which comes with a choice of M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors.

As is known, in the “Peek Performance” event held by Apple some time ago, Apple’s fastest processor, the M1 Ultra, was present. At first, we assumed that this one processor would be present in Mac Pro devices, but we were wrong.

Mac Studio Review

In the same event, Apple launched a new Mac mini PC device called Mac Studio. This is a mini PC made for creative workers who need a compact PC with high capabilities.

There will be two variants presented for this Mac Studio, namely those that use the M1 Max processor. And surprisingly, it turns out that this is the first device that will officially use the M1 Ultra processor.


Mac Studio Specifications

  • Starting price: $1,999 for the M1 Max; $3,999 for M1 Ultra
  • CPU: M1 Max (10-core; 24-core GPU)
  • M1 Ultra (20-core; 48-core GPU)
  • Memory: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB (only M1 Ultra)
  • Storage: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds (M1 Max ) and 7.9 pounds (M1 Ultra)
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Mac Studio Design

The size of the Mac Studio is very compact, which is 7.7 inches wide and 3.7 inches high. Apple says Mac Studio is compact enough to fit into most workstations and even tuck under the screen. It’s certainly less prominent than the 20.8 x 17.7 x 8.58-inch Mac Pro tower.

Although compact, the Cupertino-based company can embed two large fans to cool all existing components. The thermal system in Mac Studio uses a double-sided blower to draw air across the desktop base. Air then travels through the Studio’s power supply to its thermal module before being pushed out through the rear exhaust panel.

Apple claims the noise level will be minimal, and you won’t be able to hear anything when the device is being pushed for large workloads.


Mac Studio Performance

Apple’s initial claims about Mac Studio created very high expectations about the new system. The M1 Max-powered Mac Studio CPU is 2.5 times faster than the fastest 27-inch iMac, while graphics are 3.4x faster. Apple also says that the M1 Max-powered Mac Studio is 50% faster than the Mac Pro with a 16-core Xeon CPU, and the graphics are 80% faster than that machine.

However, the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chipset is a real workhorse. The CPU is 3.8x faster than the 27-inch iMac, while the graphics are 4.5x faster. The M1 Ultra Mac Studio CPU is 90% faster than the 16-core Xeon Mac Pro and 60% faster than the 28-core Xeon.

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They also claim that users will stream up to 18 8K ProRes 4:2:2 video streams at once. You see, this Mac Studio will get a total VRAM of up to 128GB Unified memory, which is very large. As for storage, users will get SSD support up to 8TB with a speed of 7.4 Gbps.


Meanwhile, for connectivity, users will be presented with many beneficial ports. On the back, they offer 4 Thunderbolt 4s, a 10GB ethernet, two USB Type-A, HDMI ports, and a Pro Audio Jack.

While on the front, those using the M1 Max processor will get two standard USB Type-C, while the M1 Ultra variant gets 2 Thunderbolt 4. With this combination of ports, users can use 4 Pro Displays plus 1 TV at once.


Apple Mac Studio Price

For the price, the Mac Studio variant with the M1 Max processor will have a price of USD 1999. As for the variant that uses the M1 Ultra, the price will start from USD 3999.


The presence of Mac Studio brings a real change to Apple’s desktop choices. Previously, there was a gap between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro, later filled by one of Apple’s all-in-one machines. The iMac is a solid choice for consumers, but users looking to mix work and play might want something a little more powerful given the specs it provides.

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Mac Studio seems to meet that need. We’ll know how well it performs once we have a chance to test the new desktop from Apple.

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