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Apple Car Will Come With a Futuristic Design, Like What?


Apple Cars Coming Soon

Apple Car Will Come With a Futuristic Design, Like What? – Indian engineers are working on concept art for the new Apple Car Display, which may be released soon. Devanga Borah, a mechanical engineer at the University of Tezpur, India, creates an artistic rendering of an autonomous electric vehicle.

The renders show a unique white car consisting of a round capsule that rotates 360 degrees on four wheels. The capsule has a circular entrance that opens like a sedan door, and we can see a “cocoon-like cockpit” with two seats. This image is reminiscent of Apple’s 2002 iMac computer.

The vehicle is painted a glossy white and has the Apple logo between the front and rear wheels. Bora’s photo was posted on her Instagram page.


Project Titan

But that’s just his take on Apple’s next car, which has been developing for about eight years. In practice, little is known about Apple’s (codenamed Project Titan), but previous reports suggest the product could launch in 2024.

Apple Cars can take the form of a physical vehicle or a self-driving software system provided by traditional automakers such as iOS. “Apple cars are the new trend. I made this micro concept car so autonomous, electric, and truly “Apple Rick,” says the design as Apple Autonomous and the Future of Transport.

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Borah explained the weakness of the design is the round arms that look a bit shabby. Passengers cannot enjoy the view as the design has no windows and encourages work with autonomous technology.

Additionally, the design must rely on artificial light to ensure passengers don’t sit in the dark. This can be unnecessary “power consumption” in a concept car. The long-awaited Apple Car has been announced in another rendering.


Vanalama, a British car rental company, has created the image of a sleek gray car with sharp corners and a sparkling Apple logo on the grill.

Vanarama’s design is based on an original patent filed by Apple and includes a customizable touchscreen dashboard and smart automated assistants” such as Siri to monitor driving.

There’s almost no way of knowing what the finished product will look like, but this patent may show the direction Apple is taking,” said Andy Alderson, CEO of Vanarama.


Who will build the Apple-branded car?

It’s not yet clear who will build the Apple-branded cars, but one source said it hopes to rely on its manufacturing partners. Apple cars may have multiple lidar sensors to scan at different distances.

Lidar uses a laser that emits short pulses that bounce when it hits an obstacle. Apple talks with potential lidar suppliers and explores options to build its sensors.

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In 2015, Apple board member Mickey Dreckler told Business Insider that Steve Jobs was considering building a car before he died in 2011. According to recent reports, Apple’s auto work is still ongoing, but the tech giant keeps their progress a secret.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in a brief interview with Bloomberg in 2017 that Apple was working on manufacturing cars. Still, the company was focusing on autonomous systems rather than physical vehicles. “In a sense, we think of her as the mother of all AI projects,” Cook said in an interview. “This was probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work on.”

Apple seems to be looking for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are inherently less likely to overheat and are therefore safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

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