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Android 12 Starts Ready to Launch in Early October


Android 12 Starts Ready to Launch

Android 12 Starts Ready to Launch in Early October – In a leak from one of XDA’s top brass, Google will reportedly launch AOSP (Android Open Source Project) from Android 12 on October 4. Google is still preparing for the presence of their latest OS, namely Android 12. However, it is still not known exactly when they will officially launch the OS.

However, in a recent leak, it is stated that they are ready to launch Android 12 in the near future. This was leaked from one of the editors-in-chief of the XDA forums.

Android 12

In a code, it was found that Google will introduce the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of Android 12 on October 4. Chances are, Google Pixel users will get this update first.

They are reporting from Engadget (13/9) that this date is also said to be the launch date of the Pixel 6. But some rumors say that Google’s latest smartphone will be present in mid or late October.

Unfortunately, Google did not provide any comment or response regarding the leak. They seem to still focus on preparing the new OS so that there are not many bugs when it is released.

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However, you can get ready to try out the OS for those of your Pixel device users. As for Samsung users, they will likely be able to taste the update on December 11. It is not yet known what other smartphones will run the AOSP version of Android 12 besides the two vendors.

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