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Among Us for Free at the Epic Games Store, Let’s Download It


Among Us for Free at the Epic Games Store, Let’s Download It – In the Epic Games’ Mega Sale promo, Among Us is priced for free and can be purchased and downloaded by anyone with an Epic coupon.

Among Us is a multiplayer game that has been popular since the pandemic. After landing on the Epic Games Store platform, the game is now priced for free. You only need to have an Epic account to download the game for free, which usually sells for USD5.


Players can join forces with other players in the game’s newest Airship map. According to the news quoted from The Verge (28/5), this game will support cross-platform games so that you can play with multiplatform users from Android, iOS, PC, and Switch.

Previously, Among Us was also rumored to be launched on PS4 and PS5 at the end of the year. It is known that the console version of the game will also support crossplay.

In addition, the Among Us promo is part of the Epic Games’ Mega Sale, which will run until June 17. At the same time, the game itself will be sold free of charge until June 3. Other games that receive promos will be revealed every week.

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Next free game

So, after the Among Us promo period ends on Thursday, June 3, the following free games will be announced. NBA 2K21 is a free game before Among Us.

To be able to buy and download games, you must qualify for Epic coupons. This coupon will deduct $ 10 from the cost of any games priced at $ 14.99 or more. Furthermore, you can redeem points here.

it has been released publicly. Just like the iOS version, you also need an invitation code if the Clubhouse app is installed on your Android phone later.

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