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8 Excellent Windows 11 Features That You Should Try


8 Excellent Windows 11 Features That You Should Try – Since its launch some time ago, Windows 11 looks to have many improvements and updates, such as a slick interface and features that help to increase productivity. Therefore, Microsoft’s latest operating system is considered to have significant changes compared to Windows 10.

If you’re used to Windows 10, running Windows 11 by looking at the new layout and interface might feel confusing. All the apps and features that you know are in Windows 10 will be available in different settings in Windows 11.

But it won’t take you long to adjust to the operating system and take advantage of what it has to offer.

8 Excellent Windows 11 Features


For that, we have compiled a list of the best exciting features for you to try right away. Read more.

1. Start Menu

The new Start Menu is arguably the best feature in Windows 11. Located in the center of the taskbar, the Star Menu gives you quick access to your pinned and recommended apps. The new Start Menu looks clean and streamlined, so it may take some time for you to adapt.

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2. Android Apps

Android apps on Windows 11 run via the new Microsoft Store. First of all, you’ll need to download and install the Amazon Appstore and sign in to your Amazon account (or create an account if you don’t have one). After that, you can search for Android applications on smartphones and other platforms.

3. Widgets

The widgets here offer many personalized updates. You can track everything from weather, news, traffic to calendars. Meanwhile, the slide-out panel on the left side of the screen appears when you click the widget button. This is similar to the Start Menu on Windows 10.

Widgets are located on a separate transparent panel, meaning you don’t have to open another window. You can also extend the widget interface to fill the entire screen.

4. Snap Layouts

When you work through a computer, you could say you need a lot of windows and tabs on the computer screen to make your work more efficient. With Windows 11, it lets you organize windows into different layouts. This will save your windows settings from being accessed later when starting the computer.

You can open up to four windows on the screen at once. Windows 10 has the same snap features but will feel more streamlined in Windows 11. This is the perfect feature for multitasking and who want to maximize their productivity.

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5. Integrated Gaming

Some users don’t like playing Windows 10 because the implementation is considered relatively poor. You won’t find this in Windows 11, which makes playing games an integral part of the user experience.

Those with an M.2 SSD on their PC or laptop can take full advantage of DirectStorage. This allows for fast load times, similar to the Xbox Game Pass with Windows 11. It gives you access to a library of over 100 Xbox games.

6. Snap Groups

Through this feature, you can save multiple snap layouts in snap groups. You can access the saved layouts by hovering over the taskbar. The snap layout preview appears when you hover over it. This is a quick way to make sure you pick the right group.

7. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another item you will find on the desktop page. You can send text messages or start a video or voice call with someone saved in your contact list with this feature. Not limited to Windows, you can also contact people on Android, Mac, and iOS. that way, it will be easier to communicate with people from Windows 11 on a desktop or a mobile device.

8. Touch Interface

Since Windows 8, Microsoft’s operating system has become more and more smartphone-like. Windows 11 continues that trend with a smartphone-like interface. While you can still use your keyboard and mouse, touch, pen, and voice input options can sometimes offer a better experience.

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In Windows 11, you’ll get more comprehensive touch targets, more straightforward window resizing and moving, more consistent touch gestures, and a new on-screen keyboard, making for a more memorable touch-based experience.

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