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7 Best Android Horror Games You Must Play on Smartphone


7 Best Android Horror Games You Must Play on Smartphone – Do you want to play a game that is different from the usual games? Try playing the horror genre Android game. The games we recommend below don’t just feature ghosts that you don’t even imagine. The storyline and graphics will not disappoint you.

Best Android Horror Games

The following is a list of the best horror games on Android that you must play. For those of you who like scary challenges, you have to download these games and complete the challenges.

1. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

The first Android horror game is Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion. A game that carries the concept of point and clicks puzzle. You will be taken to explore a haunted house so you can reveal a big hidden secret.

In this game, you will also start to build communication with psychics. When you first play it, you will immediately feel the excitement and tension at the same time. Curse Breakers is a free game that you can download on the Play Store. It is pretty good graphics make it one of the most widely played horror games.

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2. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a sequel to Dead Trigger 1. Like in the previous series, you also have to fight to overcome the many zombies in this game. But take it easy because you will be equipped with several weapons such as katanas, swords, and rifles.

You also get the excitement of playing games in Dead Trigger 1 in the second series. Even Dead Trigger 2 offers more thrill and fun. If you feel you can beat the zombies, prove it by downloading this game on the Play Store.


3. Reporter 2

The horror genre Android game that we also recommend is Reporter 2. In this game, you will play the role of someone who survived the hospital because of an incident. But now you are at home.

Suddenly you will see a girl who appears and then disappears. Maybe at first, you didn’t care about the girl. But the longer you will be curious about who the mysterious girl is.

What’s more, that girl will always come and haunt you—interested in playing Reporter 2? Download it now.


4. The Walking Dead Season I and II

Not inferior to the PC version, The Walking Dead Season I and II Android versions also offer an exciting and creepy story. Even this game has been made into a film and has been shown on television.

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Here you will act as someone named Lee. You will try to find a girl named Clementine. The girl turned out to be able to survive amid the zombies roaming around.

Apart from the storyline, this game also has a graphic display that doesn’t disappoint. You have to try it right now.


5. Eyes

One of the challenges that you will get in the Eyes game is that you are not equipped with weapons to fight ghosts. This game takes place in an empty basement. Here you try to collect various valuables by going around all corners of the basement.

When the screen says “Run,” it means there will be ghosts around you. You only need to run so you don’t get killed by the ghost—a simple and best Android horror game to kill time.


6. Limbo

Limbo is a horror game with no zombies or ghosts in it. You will try to find your brother. But you have to go through various traps and terrain to find your little brother.

Here you will only see black on the screen. Even though it’s only a simple game, Limbo has managed to get a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.



DISTRAINT is a PC horror game. But over time, this game was also available for an Android version. One of the advantages of this game compared to other horror games is its lies in the storyline.

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Here you will be invited to go on an adventure and go through various thrilling challenges. Apart from stories, DISTRAINT also offers a sound effect that makes the hair on your neck stand on end.

Are you curious about the storyline? Please visit the Google Play Store, type the name DISTRAINT, download then play.


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