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6 Tips for Beginners to Become Master Rank in Pokemon Unite


Tips for Beginners in Pokemon Unite

6 Tips for Beginners to Become Master Rank in Pokemon Unite – Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game that offers unique mechanics. A lot must be understood first before gamers decide to play this game. Players who have previously played MOBA games such as League of Legends or DOTA may adapt more quickly to Pokemon Unite with the same playing style.

However, players who have never played MOBA games need to read some tips from players already in the Master Rank or the highest rank in Pokemon Unite. This is so that novice players can quickly adapt and understand how to play this game.

For players who have never played MOBA games, you need to read some tips from players in Master Rank.

1. Choose Pokemon and identify

To be the best in the game, a novice player needs to know his potential first. This is so that players know how to play comfortably and have fun. Almost all Pokemon at the beginning of the game are beginner-friendly or can be played by beginners.

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2. Held Items and Battle Items

First and most importantly, almost all Held Items are mandatory, significantly if upgraded to level 20. The Stat Bonuses provided are an essential component but are not required. Just search for items with stats that match the player.

For example, when you want to kill other players like Gengar, X-Attack is the right choice. On the other hand, the Eject Button is a must-have because it provides high flexibility.

Pokemon Unite

3. Knowing what to prioritize

Players who have previously played Heroes of the Storm must be familiar with the importance of an experience point compared to other MOBA games. Pokemon Unite does not have gold to buy items. The way to become stronger is to gain experience points.

Therefore, experience points are essential for players. Gamers must be aggressive to steal experience points from enemies, such as learning how to play. Aggressive is meant here is when meeting the enemy in each match, the player must get a kill from the opponent’s wild Pokemon. Anyone who gets a kill from a wild Pokemon can earn experience points and a Pokeball.

4. Goals and importance

Drednaw and Roton become the two most significant objectives where the team will fight them in every match in Pokemon Unite. Although both are widely contested objectives.

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Drednaw becomes an essential factor for fellow teams or enemy teams, where the team that kills Drednaw will usually win. Many new players made the mistake of ignoring Drednaw when he appeared, which would impact their rankings.

5. Find friends in the game

This is not necessary to achieve Master Rank, but having friends who are good at playing will make it easier for players to rank up. Especially if friends have the same way of playing, they can do their best in the team and end up with lots of wins.

6. Common mistakes that often occur

Some communities prioritize the Held Item Score Shield over others, although this item is powerful but often abused. Before entering the Master Rank, players will often commit suicide to score points forcibly.

Because they thought the Score Shield could protect them. It’s not so important for them to score high as long as in the last two minutes they can kill Drednaw.

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