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6 Google Services Can Collect Data, Here’s How to Prevent


6 Google Services Can Collect Data, Here’s How to Prevent – Google has many services that many people in their daily activities use. It turns out that the service of this giant company can collect your data.

Google services that collect data

Google may collect your information through the history of the application you use. Here are some Google services that collect your data:

  • Gmail: This email service collects information about who the user is in contact with, the items the user buys, the user’s contact list, and many other things.
  • Google Photos: This service collects data about photos taken and stored by its users.
  • Google Drive: This service can collect all the data that users store in Google Drive.
  • Google Fit: This service collects all about health data and goals that users set during exercise.
  • Google Calendar: All schedules, appointments, and agendas to be attended will be known by Google when the user enters the data into Google Calendar.
  • Android: This is the operating system (OS) used in mobile phones. Google can know all user activities. Google can know even applications that are used or have been deleted by users.
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Google Services

How to Stop Data Collection

Well, if you want to stop Google from collecting your data, here’s how to stop it:

  1. Go to This is the main page for dealing with data collected by Google.
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. Then, visit all categories such as Web & App Activity, YouTube Search History, and Location History.
  4. Click “Manage” at the bottom to see how Google uses user information and turns off any information that Google doesn’t want to collect from you.
  5. Then select the “Make ads more relevant to you” section.
  6. Turn off “Ad personalization.” This way, Google won’t target you with ads based on information that Google knows about you.
  7. Then click ‘Control what others see about you.
  8. Click ‘Edit your shared endorsement setting’ and turn it off. This will prevent your reviews on restaurants or apps from showing up on the Google Play Store or Google Maps.
  9. Click ‘Manage your Google Photo settings’ and turn it off so that Google doesn’t recognize your face.
  10. Click Manage what you share on YouTube and turn it off so that other people can’t see your video playlist.
  11. Finally, go to This page will allow you to stop Google from collecting information from the services you use, such as your YouTube search history, voice information, and your location.
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