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5 Photography Tips Using a Smartphone Camera for Amazing Results


5 Tips Photography Using a Smartphone Camera – The world of photography is getting more accessible with smartphone cameras, whose quality is getting better every time. Currently, photographic work is not difficult because qualified specifications already support the smartphone you may have.

In addition, you can also use editing applications that can make your photos more professional.

5 Photography Tips Using a Smartphone Camera

Even though they have similar functions, smartphone cameras have different characteristics from other digital cameras such as DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. Taking good photos on a smartphone is also not as simple as pointing and photographing objects.


How do you make the photos you take good quality and only by using a smartphone camera? Here are 5 tips for taking pictures with a smartphone camera that you need to understand.

Here are the steps:

Tip 1: Activate Grid mode for perfect photo composition

One of the easiest and best ways to improve the photos on your smartphone is to activate the camera grid mode. Good photo composition uses the rule of “thirds,” which is the principle of photographic composition where a photo must be “split” into three, both horizontally and vertically.

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A good photo composition will certainly make the photo more balanced, even, and natural. Sometimes an image with beautiful scenery and perfect lighting becomes less pleasing to the eye because the photo’s composition is not right.

Tip 2: Focus by approaching the object

One of the limitations of photographing using a smartphone is the resolution. When you use the zoom feature on the camera, the resolution will tend to decrease. As a result, the photo will appear more blurry and less bright.

By using the manual method, namely by bringing the smartphone camera screen closer to the object, the camera resolution will not decrease so that the photos will be maximized.

Tip 3: Use HDR at the right time

HDR or High Dynamic Range on smartphone cameras is used to adjust the lighting level to make it more dynamic. When you activate the HDR feature, the camera will automatically increase the lighting according to the needs and conditions around the object.

Usually, when HDR is enabled, the resulting photo will appear lighter or brighter. If you are not very good at determining the lighting angle, the HDR feature will be beneficial.

Tip 4: Try different angles

A photo ideally uses an eye-level angle, aka the view in front of someone’s eyes. However, exploring various angles will get more value in terms of aesthetics for those who dare to try different things. Looking for an unusual angle will also train your instincts in taking photo objects.

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Maybe in the minds of ordinary people taking photos of tall buildings can only be from below. You can take pictures of these buildings from above to create a different impression than usual by playing the angle.

Tip 5: Practice holding your smartphone steadily

How to take a good photo with a smartphone camera is not complicated. Besides, you have to pay attention to composition and lighting. You also have to stabilize your hands when shooting.

If your hands are shaking or shaking, then the photos will tend to be blurry or unclear. It would be even better if you used a smartphone camera tripod to take maximum photos without the slightest vibration or shake.

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