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5 Important Applications on Android You Must Have in 2021


5 Important Applications on Android You Must Have in 2021 – Android is a smartphone to do many things. One of them can have a variety of applications.

Many applications on the Playstore are confused about what applications are suitable for download, especially since Android memory storage is also limited. Here are five important applications on Android that you must have in 2021.


1. Google Assistant

Technological developments make it easier for users, including the Google Assistant application, making your job easier. This application can function to do something only with voice commands. For example, you are browsing something or looking for a GPS location to save a lot of time.

2. Google Find My Device

Having a security application for your Android is also mandatory. If there is a loss, especially if there is important data in it, there could be a fatal risk. With the help of Google Find My Device, you can track your lost Android whereabouts via GPS, make a loud sound, lock it, and erase all the data on it.

3. Office applications

When you are lazy to open your laptop, but you need to open office applications such as Word, Excel, PDF, or others, you can use it via Android. One of the office applications available on the Playstore is WPS Office. Apart from opening office files, you can also edit them and send them via email or something else.

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4. Privacy Application

Everyone usually has their smartphone because a smartphone is designed for personal needs, so much personal data is stored on the cellphone.

To delve deeper into your privacy, you can download a privacy application on the Playstore. One such application is Calculator Lock. Calculator Lock looks like a standard calculator when used, but there is a hidden feature that can hide files you want to keep secret.

5. Dumpster

Sometimes a file is deemed unnecessary. And then you choose to delete it, especially if the storage memory is running low. It may turn out that you still need the files that have already been deleted. With the Dumpster application, files that you have deleted can be returned to normal, of course, with certain conditions.

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