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5 Features on Google Pixel, Absent on Other Smartphones


5 Features Exclusive Google Pixel

5 Features on Google Pixel, Absent on Other Smartphones – Google Pixel may not yet have a concept that can attract you to buy it. When compared to other brands of Android smartphones, the Google Pixel doesn’t seem like an exclusive smartphone. However, Google made Pixel the golden child.

Pixel always gets feature updates the first time from Google. In addition, Pixel can also get access to the latest Android software support faster than other smartphones. In addition to getting updates first, Google also brings some cool features available on the Pixel. Here, summarize the cool features available on the Pixel for consideration for those of you who are curious and plan to buy a smartphone owned by Google.


Filter calls with Google Assistant

By leveraging the intelligence of the Google Assistant, the Pixel call filter feature will allow the incoming calls to your smartphone to be pre-recorded by Google Assistant. So when you activate this feature, someone who calls you will hear instructions from the Google Assistant, which will ask you to identify the caller and his destination. Once Google Assistant logs the caller, the information will be reported to you in the form of a transcript.

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Organize apps on screen quickly

The App Suggestion feature will make it easier for you to place the application you want to appear on the Home screen or the main application dashboard. This feature serves to advise you in deciding which applications are worthy, to be put where you want them. When you are confused about placing an application, of course, this feature will be beneficial. Google says these suggestions appear to Pixel users, based on recently opened and most-used apps.


Discover music via Now Playing

The Pixel comes with a Now Playing feature, which works just like Shazam. The Now Playing feature will run to listen to the sound currently playing and then display the results of that hearing. If this is enabled, you can find the specific music currently playing for a quick look.

Sky photo editor

In addition to App Suggestions, there are photo editing features in Google Photos capable of changing the sky in your photos. This feature is directly accessible and free if you use a Pixel, while other smartphones require a Google One subscription. So through this feature, you can edit sky photos and add some filters.

Switch mode automatically

Next up, an exclusive feature that’s only on the Pixel can switch modes automatically. So, this feature will detect your moving or driving position, so your device will be automatically turned into Do Not Disturb mode. This automatic mode switching feature is only available on Pixel series three and later.

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