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5 Best Android Apps to Watch TV Without Internet


5 Best Android Apps to Watch TV Without Internet – Smartphones, including Android, have many functions, one of which is to watch television (TV). However, to watch TV on Android, you usually have to stream, so you need the internet to access it.

Watching TV through an Android phone can be done without the need for an internet connection. The trick is to use a Mobile TV Tuner device instead of an antenna to receive broadcast signals.

Currently, many offline television applications offer viewing services without the need to spend an internet quota. Here are 5 of them:

Apps Watch TV Without Internet

5 Best Android Apps to Watch TV Without Internet

1. PadTV HD

PadTV HD has a variety of features that are quite good and complete. Users can watch local television broadcasts. This application has the advantage of recording broadcasts and storing them on mobile devices.

To use this application, your Android smartphone must have a Dual-Core processor of at least 1 GHz or higher, Android OS 4.1 or higher.

2. Air DTV

Air DTV has good enough quality to run television broadcasts. You can enjoy many channels that you can choose and scan.

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The cool thing about this application is that it supports recording features, supports HD (must be Quad-Core), subtitles, and other cool features.


This application also has advanced features that may not be available in other applications, including saving recorded shows, video recorder, EPG display for viewing TV program guides, and much more.

To use the app, your Android smartphone must be equipped with a Dual-Core processor of at least 1 GHz or higher for optimal performance while enjoying broadcasts. Meanwhile, the operating system must be 4.1 and above.

4. HomeFree TV

More than 500 thousand Android users have now downloaded HomeFree TV. This proves that this application has good quality because many users use it. HomeFree TV is specially designed for Android users who own an AVerMedia Tuner device.

Available features allow you to enjoy TV shows with MPEG-2 & H.264 support. In addition, the advantage possessed by Avermedia is a user interface that is easy to use and flexible.

5. iDTV Mobile TV

iDTV Mobile TV has good graphic quality. You can easily receive local TV broadcasts without an internet connection. iDTV Mobile TV requires a Mobile TV Tuner instead of an antenna that functions to receive broadcasts.

Please note that you must use an Android OS version 4.0.3 or higher smartphone and have an Android Dual-Core processor or higher to use iDTV Mobile TV.

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