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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PC from Gaming Laptop


5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PC from Gaming Laptop – Currently, the price of components to assemble a PC is experiencing a significant price increase. This is due to the scarcity of chipsets that occurred during the pandemic, which has lasted more than one year. Therefore, gamers are starting to look to switch from PCs to gaming laptops to play games.

But, what are the advantages and disadvantages when choosing a gaming PC over a laptop? Well, on this occasion, we will discuss five advantages and disadvantages in determining assembling a PC or buying a laptop. Please read this article to the end.


5 Advantages and Disadvantages


As is known, over the past few years, the performance of PC and laptop components has decreased. But, for now, this only applies to the CPU, but when it comes to GPU performance, there is still a big difference.

In several tests conducted by various parties, the difference in performance between desktop CPUs and laptop CPUs is tiny. In fact, in some benchmarks that focus on CPU, the difference in performance is fragile.

But, on the GPU side, we still see a reasonably large gap between desktop GPUs and laptop GPUs. This is reasonable, considering that engineers are still considering using laptops without being connected directly to a power source in laptops.

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Although currently, the latest generation of gaming laptops is smart enough to switch between IGP and discrete GPUs to save battery. But inserting a truly desktop equivalent GPU is still not freely available to vendors.


There is one thing that PC and laptop gamers often argue about, namely the issue of portability. As is known, laptops have advantages in terms of portability when compared to PCs.

Although many modders have succeeded in making a PC portable, the problem of compactness and durability is still better for laptops. This is because in making a laptop, all things have been calculated correctly.

In addition, in terms of size, laptops are still much more compact when compared to pre-built PCs on the market. What’s more, the laptop can be folded and can be placed using less space.


Upgrades and Repairs

One of the advantages of the PC is the ease of upgrading, which is very good. This is because all the components in the assembled PC can be easily removed and installed by yourself.

On the other hand, when we want to upgrade our laptop, we can do it ourselves. However, many things must be considered when upgrading your laptop, especially RAM compatibility issues.

This often happens to gamers. When they want to upgrade RAM, sometimes their laptop can’t turn on because there are differences in RAM specifications. As a result, the best step to upgrade is at our laptop vendor’s service center.

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Likewise, when there is damage, where when using a PC, we can make a quick diagnosis. As for laptops, users must take them to a service center for diagnostics and repairs.

Limited Ports and Accessories

One more thing that PC and laptop gamers consider is the issue of accessories. Indeed, laptops have several advantages, such as the presence of an embedded web camera, while PCs do not. Gamers who use laptops also get a keyboard in the sales package. However, PC gamers can choose whatever peripherals and accessories they want.

However, what concerns gamers is limited ports and accessories that can be used on a laptop. Indeed, we can use the dongle to install various accessories on the laptop.

While on PCs, gamers usually get enough ports, both on the motherboard and in their PC casing. So, no more port limitations for connecting various accessories.


Lastly is the issue of price. If you have a limited budget, a laptop is indeed the best choice. This is because a laptop usually already has a variety of things that gamers need. In the sales package, gamers have got a built-in keyboard and screen. What gamers have to do is buy a mouse that suits them so that the purchase price can be much lower.

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As for PCs, because the components needed are usually sold separately, the price required varies depending on the device’s performance. Indeed, we can assemble a PC for a laptop, but usually, the specifications obtained are not satisfactory.

And as a perspective, a gaming laptop in the range of 1,000 USD million can already play eSport games very well and can play AAA games comfortably on a screen that has a refresh rate of 144hz. Meanwhile, to get the same experience on a PC, we can spend in the range of 1,200 USD million.

So, those are some advantages and disadvantages when you consider buying a PC or laptop. So, how? Do you still want to assemble a PC or buy a gaming laptop?

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