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3 Messaging Apps with the Best Encryption Right Now!


3 Messaging Apps with the Best Encryption Right Now! – News about the theft of personal data and open privacy has been rife lately. One of the things you can do to reduce the chances of your data being seen by others is to use an encrypted messaging app.

Encrypted messaging apps can make it difficult for people to see other people’s chats or phone calls.

The 3 Messaging Best Encrypted Apps in 2021:


1. Signal

The Signal is an app suitable for security-conscious users. This app provides free all-in-one messaging, voice calling, and group chat services with its end-to-end encryption protocol.

Signal provides text messaging, voice calling, group messaging, media, and attachment services to phone contacts with updates that include features such as custom wallpapers and animated stickers. Message content in the Signal app will delete itself at a certain time, and the plugin in Google Chrome allows users to use Signal on a laptop or computer.


2. Threema

Threema is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app to protect your messages with the NaCl cryptographic library. The app has a unique Threema ID key, which allows the user to use either name or anonymity.

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The QR code feature also allows users to add other users without exchanging names. In addition to the encrypted messaging feature, Threema also has a file-sharing feature of approximately 20 Mb per file, emoji, group messaging, and a polling system that can be used with other users.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application that uses end-to-end encryption and has made adjustments to the application’s security and privacy features such as invites and group control. This App is an application purchased by Facebook in 2014 that allows WhatsApp users to share on Facebook but still use encrypted messages.

For security concerns, users can verify a 60-digit security verification code or QR code for each chat that can be compared with contacts to ensure that the conversation is encrypted.

These three applications are available on Android and iOS. Which one have you used?

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